General dentistry on Salt Spring Island involving all aspects of restorative dentistry, including root canal treatment and a very strong preventative program involving treatment of gum disease and bite imbalances or occlusal dysfunction.

We offer very effective, quick, affordable and non-invasive treatment of TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) pain.

Wm. E. Lea - Dentist on Salt Spring IslandDr. Lea has been practicing dentistry since 1980. He believes that diagnosing and treating occlusal dysfunction and bite imbalances are as basic and fundamental to dentistry as diagnosing and eliminating gum disease and tooth decay.

Dr. Lea has successfully helped many patients get relief from the symptoms associated with occlusal dysfunction and bite imbalances. He prefers that patients have a comfortable “home bite” before undertaking any treatment. For more information on symptoms or situations that may indicate occlusal dysfunction or bite imbalance, see the following questionnaire:..

These situations or symptoms may indicate an occlusal imbalance:

-sensitive or painful teeth? sensitive or painful teeth to cold? or to brushing? or to flossing? that can move around in your mouth? -just a general “awareness” of the teeth? -sensitive or sore teeth during or after chewing? -loose teeth? -teeth that seem to be changing position?
-limited opening?

-headaches? -ringing in the ears? sore or tired head or facial muscles? especially in the morning? -clenching or ‘bruxing’?

-a preference for chewing on, or chewing limited to, only one side of the mouth? right or left? -a forward posturing of the jaw with the lower front teeth resting on the upper front teeth? -frequent ‘tongue splinting’?
-dreams about teeth breaking?

-bleeding gums even though hygiene is good? periodontal disease? -difficulty flossing because the teeth are too tight?

-sort or painful joints? -popping, clicking or noisy joints on opening, closing or chewing? or joints that lock sometimes?

-lip or cheek biting? uncertainty about where to bite? no ‘home’ bite? -a change in the bite if there is a change in posture? that is, is the bite different lying down from sitting up?


08 Oct, 2020

Dr.Lea is a gentle caring radically honest dentist. I am so greatful I booked an appointment for my kids. The first healthcare professional that was not all about an unnecessary hefty bill. He focused on sharing information and facts to help understand gum and tooth health.

08 June, 2019

I am so grateful for Marilyn and Dr. Lea fitting me into their busy schedule to fix my chipped tooth. Dr. Lea was very thorough and did a great filling for me which I appreciated so much. It was a pleasure to meet both of them and their staff and to have a tour of their immaculate and beautiful garden. Thank you both so much. Susan

11 February 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

Why am I writing to draw your attention to Dr. William Lea? One reason, but not the primary reason for this letter, is that I like people with good morals and ethics–or at least what I see as good morals and ethics. Dr. Lea certainly hits the mark on those. He is professional, caring and attentive. He does not seek to entice patients to undertake unnecessary work, even when they have 100% insurance coverage. A more important reason for this letter is that Dr. Lea takes the time to educate patients about how to practice good oral hygiene, which none of my previous dentists had done. However, the most important thing that Dr. Lea did for me was to adjust by bite. For the first time in memory, my bite feels even; all of my teeth meet at the same time when I bite: my teeth can slide without catching; I find myself chewing on both sides of my mouth.

Why did Dr. Lea take the time to adjust my bite so that my teeth all meet at the same time, evenly, without extra pressure in some places, when none of my previous dentists had ever adjusted my bite unless I went back after having a filling and specifically requested an adjustment? How did he manage to make the adjustment to my entire mouth in only 15 or 20 minutes? Why had no one else, ever, taken the time to do this or had the insight that the procedure was necessary for patient comfort, for dental health, to enhance hygiene?

You need to talk to Dr. Lea and learn about his procedure. Dental schools are clearly failing patient care by not teaching such an important procedure.

Sincerely, Thomas M. (Salt Spring Island)

“Dr. Lea’s reputation for practical dentistry restored my faith–with so many dentists now focused solely on making more money from your mouth with fancy programs and questionable procedures… His bite adjustment techniques have really helped my family and it didn’t cost a fortune or require sedation.”

– Greg

After more than two years of being treated with various splints and mouth guards, and various drugs, by “professionals”, people who never explained the origin and who could not successfully treat my pain issues, my problems were getting worse to the point that it was affecting my work and my ability to function. My quality of life was getting worse and i was becoming afraid. I didn’t know what was going on and the treatments weren’t helping. After more than two years of being treated with various splints and mouth guards, and various drugs, by “professionals”, people who never explained the origin and who could not successfully treat my pain issues, my problems were getting worse to the point that it was affecting my work and my ability to function. My quality of life was getting worse and i was becoming afraid. I didn’t know what was going on and the treatments weren’t helping.  My osteopath, after treating me unsuccessfully over a short time, recommended that I see Dr. Lea — a local dentist who had helped him with his bite. Not having a lot of money and no help from a dental plan, i was pleasantly surprised to find that his treatment was going to be affordable, especially compared to the treatments that i had already paid for that didn’t even work.  While wearing the diagnostic splint, the only thing I had to remember was to not eat between meals. Otherwise, it was a breeze and wearing it for the short time way easy. The actual treatment process itself was easy and painless and quickly done with great care and attention to detail. I was very impressed.

I continue to praise Dr. Lea’s treatment everywhere I go. I shout it from the rooftops!

I hope other dentist will be open-minded enough and willing to try this procedure on their patients as it is a quality of life changing experience. I will be forever grateful. Thank you!!

I forgot to add and wanted to say that as a side to the extreme jaw pain, I was not able to eat on one side of my mouth prior to treatment. Immediately following, I was able to chew on that side of my mouth again. It’s nothing short of a small miracle. I’m so happy!

Teresa F. (Salt Spring Island)

My teeth didn’t meet well after two courses of orthodontic treatment, and then badly designed crowns left me in severe neuromuscular pain. A competent orthodontist and the prosthodontist he recommended were able to partially address the issues, but I still had chronic discomfort from low-grade headaches, neck pain, and jaw tension. While researching occlusion online, I found Dr. William Lea’s book for patients that described his method for adjusting a bite. After reading it, I called his office to talk to him. Eventually he volunteered to come to Boston to give a talk to local dentists and teach my dentist his method.

At the first session, he showed my dentist how to adjust the splint I would wear for several days before my teeth were reshaped. The splint was extremely comfortable and eased the head, neck, and jaw pain almost immediately. I also slept much better while wearing it. A few days later, we returned to my dentist’s office where Dr. Lea coached my dentist through the steps of his protocol, which was painless and didn’t take long. After it was finished, my teeth met solidly without sliding for the first time in years, and the chronic pain disappeared entirely within days. Best of all, my singing voice became stronger and more flexible and has continued to improve since the treatment. I can’t thank Dr. Lea enough!

 – Maryanne M., Boston, Mass

“Dr. Lea has made the quality of my life so much better. He started by taking impressions of my teeth so that he could make me a small, soft splint to wear on my lower teeth for several days to help relax the muscles around my face and jaw. When I went back the next time he added some material to my lower molars and adjusted some of the teeth where they were not supposed to hit. The treatment was easy and only took about half an hour.

I no longer wake up in the morning with sore molars and my jaw doesn’t click when I open my mouth. Dr. Lea is a God-send. I would highly recommend this treatment.”

– Mary Lynn

“I came to Dr. Wm. E. Lea’s dental office after seeing three other dentists–discouraged because after many visits and spending hundreds of dollars, I was still having problems with my teeth and jaw. He was extremely kind and welcoming and put me at ease right away.

“He explained to me in great detail what was wrong and how to fix it without me having any invasive or difficult treatment. To my surprise and relief he was able to fix my jaw with only three visits and without the process costing more than I could afford as I don’t have a lot of money or dental coverage.

“I can happily say that I feel more confident and have no headaches. My bite feels normal and I have no more pressure in my head.

“I would recommend this procedure to anyone as the process was easy and the results were outstanding, not to mention that it feels great to know that your dentist truly cares about your health and well-being.”

– Promise

“Your dentistry expertise has taken away the ache of my left jaw joint. I’m not using my mouth guard anymore. I’m happy!”

– Carolyn

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