Our Philosophy & Practise

Our office focuses on optimum oral health and comfortable functional restorations for the long term. Our oral hygiene programme is goal oriented and very effective. We believe that health and comfort promote true beauty. To this end we are focused on serving our patients by providing the best possible options and materials to suit each individual’s needs.


I graduated from UBC Dental School in 1980. I have been a solo, general practitioner on Salt Spring Island for over 35 years. For most of this time, I have also treated patients requiring full orthopedic and fixed orthodontics. I have been diagnosing and treating occlusal problems, joint pain, reduced function, and general bite imbalances for at least the past 15 years. I am well aware of the well-known and highly-regarded individuals who speak on this aspect of dentistry, but have found that their procedures and beliefs have not given me and my patients the consistent, positive results that I expected.

Initially, in my practice, I referred patients with TMD to Dr. David Bowler, in Sidney, B.C. He studied myofascial pain and dysfunction under Dr. Janet Travell. Eventually, because I suffered from this same problem, I became a patient of Dr. Bowler. He introduced me to a number of ideas, diagnostic concepts and treatments that he found to be very helpful in relieving patients of their occlusal problems and establishing stable, comfortable bites. Unfortunately, he passed away before I could understand his complete system. It took me several years to work out a simple, easily-applied, affordable yet still profitable and effective way to integrate what I had begun to learn from him that I could now apply to my own patients suffering from occlusal problems that often led to TMD.

Dr. Wm. E. Lea - Saltspring DentistI am now very confident with the protocol that I have developed for the diagnosis and treatment of occlusal problems and for relieving patients of pain and reduced jaw function. In fact, as of today, there have been no patients that I haven’t been able to help. Instead of just covering up occlusal problems with hard, acrylic splints, I can, with my
8-step diagnostic protocol and my 4-step treatment sequence, consistently and successfully treat the underlying, fundamental occlusal problems (while screening out patients who have parafunctional issues that do not originate from their occlusion).

I believe that dentistry requires more focus on healthy function and especially more effort by all dentists to diagnose the occlusal status of their patients. This protocol is a very simple, easily-applied, easily-integrated system that requires very little in the way of supplies, time, or presents any difficult learning curve.

I am very grateful to be able to share my experience and knowledge with my patients.

Sincerely, Dr. Wm. E. Lea, DMD

William Lea - Salt Spring Island Dentist