Made as Simple, as Plain and Clear, and
as Obvious as
The Balls on a Beagle

A layman’s guide–and maybe even a dentist’s guide–to all anyone needs to know about the
diagnosis and treatment of most TMJ and ‘BITE’ issues

by Dr. Wm. E. Lea, DMD

For the Dentist’s Professional Protocol, please click here.


About the Book

This guide is intended to be a positive help and give hope to any of those who suffer from bad ‘bites’ and joint pain. My goals for this guide are three-fold:

First -to help anyone with these problems to better understand what is going on so that their experience can be validated and any uncertainty or anxiety is removed. (Understanding and knowledge are comfort and power.)

Second -to help anyone who suffers from the debilitating consequences of occlusal and TMJ problems to know how they might find inexpensive, quick, easy, non-invasive relief

Third -and to then take this information and introduce it to their own dentists (as a better option than what they have previously learned about this subject) to actually achieve that relief.

This little tome is inspired by those individuals… who keep their minds open and tolerant, who objectively observe without expectations, who aren’t uncomfortable examining or afraid to question the status quo, who can comfortably step ‘outside of the box’ to look at things from a different perspective, to create for themselves that wonderful and satisfying opportunity to uncover and expose the previously unnoticed and ‘unknown’ …by pointing out the obvious.

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 If you are a Dentist, you will be interested in Dr. Lea’s Professional Protocol,

“Sound” Bites

a complete “how-to” guide for Dr. Lea’s diagnosis and treatment of occlusal issues.
Click below for an overview of Dr. Lea’s clinical approach: 

“Sound” Bites

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